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Security Awareness Training

Knowledge Is King

ARC Solutions Scotland offers comprehensive Secuirty Awareness Training to empower your workforce to recognise and repsond to security threats effectively. Our training programs include phishing simulation exercises and educational content designed to empower employees to protect against cyber attacks.



What We Offer

Phishing Simulation Exercises

We conduct phishing simulation exercises to simulate real-world phishing attacks and assess employees’ susceptibility to phishing attempts. These exercises help raise awareness of phishing threats and educuate employees on how to identify and report suspicious emails.

Phishing Simulation

Educational Content

We provide educational content on various cybersecurity topics, including best prectices for password management, email security, and safe browsing habits. Our educuational materials are designed to educate employees about common security threats and empower the to take proactive steps to protect themselves and the company.

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What’s In It for You?

Increased Awareness

Raise awareness of cybersecurity threats among your workforce and help employees recognise and respond to security threats effectively.

Reduced Risk

Minimise the risk of security breaches and data loss by educating employees on best practices for cybersecurity and instilling a culture of security within your organisation.

Meet Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements for security awareness training and demonstrate your commitment to protecting sensitive data and information.


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