Data Safety

We understand the importance of protecting your critical data in Microsoft 365. Our M365 backup services offer robust backup solutions to ensure that your data is secure and accesible at all time, minimising the risk of data loss and downtime.



What We Offer

Timed Retention

Set custom retention policies for your data with our timed retention backup options. We tailor retention periods to meet your specific compliance and regulatory requirments, ensuring that your data is retained for the appropriate duration.

Infinite Retention

Preserve your data indefinitely with our infinite retention backup solutions. We ensure that your data is stored securely and can be retrieved whenever you need it, regardless of how long ago it was created or modified.

Recovery Options

EQuickly and easily recover lost or corrupted data with our comprehensive recovery options. Whether you need to restore data from Exchnage, SharePoint, Teams or One Drive, we have you covered with reliable recovery solutions.

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What’s In It for You?

Data Protection

Protect your critical data from accidental deletion, corruption or malicious attacks with our robust backup solutions.

Data Accessibility

Ensure that your data s accessible whenever you need it, regardless of when it was created or modified.

Data Security

Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is securely backed up and can be recovered quickly in the event of a data loss incident.

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